Hannah has always had an avid passion for health and fitness so it became a natural career progression for her to establish a business based on whole foods and promoting healthy lifestyle choices. Drawing on her skills of years working in the field of addictions, Hannah understands how difficult it can be to change habits and therefore brings a wealth of knowledge to her work as a behaviour change nutritionist, exploring ways to change old habits and form new, healthier habits. It’s Hannah’s aim as the owner of Food Intelligence to educate people about the benefits of eating the right foods and demonstrate that food can not only give you the body you want but make you feel amazing.

Being a keen traveller, Hannah has often found it hard to keep on track eating a well rounded balanced diet which is why Hannah decided to start a blog sharing her tips and adventures. Hannah’s sense of adventure has seen her travel to far fetched places and helped develop a real appreciation for the way in which food can bring people together, its medicinal properties and the impact food has on various societies. It has also made Hannah aware of the benefits of eating seasonally and a varied diet.